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  • Why Your Site Needs Responsive Design

    Why Your Site Needs Responsive DesignAt the end of 2014 mobile internet usage finally surpassed desktop usage, as was predicted a decade ago. Unfortunately, many sites are still focused on only desktop experience, so soon after Google decided to introduce a new algorithm that would penalize websites if they are not mobile-friendly by lowering their search results ranking, which is just one of their 200 ranking factors.

    The reason Google was forced to implement this new parameter is due to the predictably dissatisfied mobile users. In fact, metrics showed that over 60% of mobile users who landed on a non-mobile friendly website are significantly less likely to ever return to it.

    Initially, this change resulted in some confusion and growing pains as companies and private entities started creating two kinds of websites for the same content, one for desktop and one for mobile.

    Of course, this proved to be extremely ineffective as you would then need to create a different version of the same website for a wide range of devices, screen sizes and resolutions. In addition, Google would have to index multiple versions of the same site, which would interfere with search engine optimization, which is why Google not only prefers a mobile-friendly website but also a responsive website design.

    Furthermore, note that even the upcoming Windows 10 will be tailored to offer the same experience across all devices, no matter their size. If an entire operating system is geared towards 100% flexibility you know that a new standard is being established, and you should jump on it sooner rather than later.

    And this is where the responsive web design comes in. Our recommended vendor for web design in Greenville SC completely understands the need to cater to mobile users.

    Responsive sites automatically adjust their viewing area to the screen size of the device currently being used to view it, be it a tablet, smartphone or a desktop.

    Although it takes a little longer to set up, a responsive web design more than compensates for it by solidifying all content at one place, one version, and future-proofing it for upcoming new devices like smartwatches, TVs and AR glasses.

    Another important metric one has to take into account is that responsive web design lowers the page content load times, which is critical if you do not want to lose potential viewers. Google figured out that the optimal load time for the top portion of the page should be under 1 second, and for the entire page under 2 seconds. Such short times are not possible for desktop designed websites loaded onto a mobile device.

  • Speed: Boost Your Office Computers With SSD
    SSD for business computing

    SSD drives have no movable parts, thus reducing the risk of mechanical failure.

    SSD is also known as a solid-state drive and it does the same storage job as the HDD, which is short for a hard disc drive. That job is saving data while your system is off or while it is in process of booting. A big difference between HDD and SSD technologies is that hard disc devices are using technology based on magnetic coating on top of platters, whereas solid state drives are using interconnected flash memory chips. The working speed of solid-state drives is much faster because it has no moving components like a hard disc device. Additionally, SSD’s are more resistant to physical damage.

    The SSD has very short history, and the rise of solid-state discs became around 2000’s but only for net books. Until 2013 year around 80 million of SSDs were sold around the world, which is very impressive if you ask me. Also SSD became very available and a lot of big companies started making solid state drives. Some of most famous companies are Toshiba, Western Digital, Samsung , Hitachi, Seagate and many more. SSD were first used for laptops only, but later they became available for desktop computers too. First as a USB devices and later they were installed in computer with HDD together. Advantage over hard disc device is mostly a speed of booting computer system. But that’s why they have so much bigger price when comparing with hard disc devices. For 1TB hard disc drive you will have to pay around 80 bucks, but if you want to buy SSD with 1TB space you will have to pay more than 500$. Also max storage available on SSDs is capped at 1TB and those solid-state drives are very pricy and rare.

    If you ask some laic person about the difference between SSD and HDD they would say you that the main difference is in speed between those two drives. A desktop pc which is equipped with solid-state drives will boot noticeably faster than any pc with a hard disc device. Also, a pc with SSD will launch applications and programs significantly faster than HDD computer.

    Since SSD has no moving components he will work longer than HDD and also he will keep your data safe if you accidentally drop your laptop on the ground of if something even worse happens. But if you even drop your desktop computer two or three inches from the ground you might destroy your hard disc device and lose all of your data. Also if you don’t have enough money to buy solid-state drive with at least 120GB of space you can always combine and make hybrid system by combining SSD and HDD. With that move you will be able to save some money by buying SSD with less space. Then you should install your system on SSD and put other data on hard disc device.

    So if you don’t know which to pick between solid-state devices or traditional hard disc drives, we would recommend that you buy solid-state devices. But you won’t go wrong if you pick hybrid, effectively combining the two protocols.

  • Consider Small Business Consulting Services

    To open a small business or to maintain smooth operations of an existing company, one has to focus on several areas. Even when things are not in place, a person might feel that all are under control. For this reason, a business owner should be looking out to hire a consultant for assistance. It is quite important to understand that a new business will require the owner’s attention on several important things.

    Firstly, a business should have a solid business plan that will help in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the same. When an owner does not know how to go about with this, a consultant will help in setting the goals to assure that the strengths are in place, and also in enhancing the weaknesses. As the business environment is highly competitive, a business plan should be clear to help the company stand out from the others and to make the chances for it clear. This way, the business can survive in the competitive arena, and the owner can understand that there is a place for this type of business in the market.

    Financial Analysis is also a kind of small business consulting service. Every business has to be on top, and for this financial analysis is a key element. A consultant will perform the same to look into aspects such as stability, liquidity, profitability, and solvency. A company must be capable of earning income and sustaining growth in both short and long terms conditions. Every business requires third party assistance and analyzing the solvency will ensure that the firm can repay their creditors. Also, liquidity refers to a situation in which obligations should not interfere with the ability of the business to maintain an optimistic cash flow. Stability is nothing but an overall review that will ensure that the firm can stay in the business without witnessing huge losses.

    Marketing is another aspect of small business consulting that adds recognition to the business. We use an Orlando SEO service called Get the Clicks and they help people get to know what the business is all about and what they provide. To do so, one has to get a market planning done, and it has to be concise, clear and simple. Failing to create a marketing plan will leave a negative result in the business and could interfere with its operations. To create a marketing plan, the small business owner should conduct a market study, and this will provide an idea if the specific type of business will survive or not. Also, competition has to be researched as it is necessary to help a business stand up against the crowd.

    These are few small business marketing services done, and there are many more available to help businesses meet success.

  • Get Help Marketing a Small Business

    seo expertA marketing consultant will help you figure out how certain things can be done in your small business. Even a website shop, an ad agency, and a marketing tactic fulfillment vendor cannot be of so much help to you. Notably, small businesses that utilize effectively and clever marketing are more successful even during bad economic conditions. But, the issue is that businesses find it tough to adapt their marketing strategies according to the varying economic conditions. It should not be surprising for successful businesses to hire this level of marketing knowledge and expertise. But many small businesses lack the knowledge that these consultants are even available.

    A SEO marketing consultant is a professional who can assist your business through various processes such as creating, reviewing and executing online marketing strategies that will have a asting effect on your business. Such consultants can be self-employed professionals or belong to a part of a business consultancy organization. Either ways, such a professional is worth an investment as he can handle your marketing needs giving you more time to focus on other significant business requirements.

    Before opting for a marketing consultant, you need to ensure that the one you choose is an expert in different techniques and strategies. Also, the professional should be capable of providing successful and creative marketing strategies that are customized to the requirements of your business goals. He should be having the expertise in assessing your existing marketing policies and come up with solutions for the problems in it. The marketing consultant you are planning to hire to help your small business should be able to come up with the problems that might arise during the marketing campaign in an efficient way. He should also gather and analyze your marketing data such as providing comprehensive campaign reports and communicate with you regularly to convey positive suggestions.

    Especially, during recession it is common for most businesses to make use of less marketing campaigns as they do not wish to spend their money on anything as before. But, when a fresh approach is needed, you cannot risk your marketing budget by testing various strategies. This is a situation when marketing consultants will be of help. Such professionals will be capable of accurately assessing your situation and will provide proven marketing solutions to help your business. It is an additional expenditure to hire a marketing consultant, but it is worth spending.

  • Get Started With Video Marketing For Your Business

    RadioPlugging-IconIn today’s very competitive world of marketing on the internet, video is one tool that may really help you stand out above the crowd. It gives you the opportunity to interact directly to prospective clients or customers and explore anything crucial to your company. Uncover how to make the most out of video promotion because of the tricks through the following piece.

    Create videos on a regular basis if you’d like to keep the focus of your consumers. If people are interested in you however you haven’t been showing them anything new, they might grow bored with you soon. While you do not wish to overwhelm these with too many videos, you need to try making them at least once or twice a month.

    Once you have shot the presentation, incorporate the URL at the end of the video. This will allow others to browse your internet site for lots more information regarding the products. This can easily be achieved with standard video editing applications. Nearly all of these can be obtained online for free or a minimal cost.

    Be regular and consistent with your video communication. Result in the time to create videos on a routine schedule for publishing. Keep them basic, sincere and interesting. It could have a good impact on your own revenue once potential consumers see you regularly promoting your business. Putting your message out to your customers is the key for results.

    A good way to make videos fun to view is by having more than one person in them. Interview a professional or just bring someone on with you who is interesting to watch. The more entertaining the individuals in the presentation are, the more likely viewers tend to be to dial in to what’s being suggested.

    Product manufacturers or merchants should produce videos detailing the way the product or service can be applied in various ways. For example, while duct tape is very good for tubes, Duck Tape has created how-tos for a million other tasks, even how exactly to construct a wallet! This results in amazing viral video success on their part.

    Tell watchers to execute a specific step in your videos. This is better known as the “call to action”. In the event that you provide a newsletter and you want folks to see it, get them to opt-in for the mailing list described within your message. However, to be able to make this work, it’s vital that you make this process effortless.

    Your opening and closing must both be scripted. Tell your viewers your name, everything you represent and then discuss the video’s content. The video should close with your business name and an enticement to check out a hyperlink to your website.

    A primary blunder of people new to online video marketing is they attempt to design their videos like a commercial. This is a big turn off. People do never wish to view advertisements on their pcs. Instead, try to make your videos about happenings in your industry or events at your business.

    Competition is furious, especially on the Web. Hopefully this article has offered you some encouragement concerning video marketing and taught you everything you must know to get started. Your next productive move in business could be just a few clicks and a camcorder away, so what are you waiting for?